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Last Minute Christmas Presents? - Final Order/Ship Dates/info

Lazy Ninja agony christmas holiday shopping last chance

Last chances to order for delivery by Chistmas eve

Custom impact toys:
(floggers, jacks, cat-o-nine, dragon tail etc)

If you want a custom one made to your specifications the absolutely last chance is by tomorrow afternoon (12/17) -- the sooner the better please.

On hand impact toys:
(non custom orders out of the limited stock we have available prebuilt - this includes petal slappers and wooden paddles).

Last chance to order is by end of day Sunday 12/18.

Rope & Candles:
(This includes sets, etc although gigantic rope orders may take longer)

Last chance to order is by end of day Sunday 12/18 .

Skirts, collars, earrings, etc:
(this is only for prebuilt on-hand items, non custom orders)

Last order day is by end of day Sunday 12/18 .

Thank you! And as always, message us with any questions!

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