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Agreeable Agony

Soy & Coconut Oil Massage Candle

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This is a hand poured massage candle made solely of soy wax and coconut oil with NO added colors and only food-grade scents. Light the wick and let the flame melt the candle, giving you hot, soothing massage oil to use at  the end of your next scene. These all natural massage candles are also perfect for romantic  massage. These massage candles have a pour temperature of 110 degrees. 110 degrees is the temperature of a hot bath and most peoples skin will find it hot without feeling burney.

Large 8oz containers give you many uses.

How to use: Light Candle and let desired amount melt. Blow out candle and pour or wait a few minutes to allow it to cool more before pouring if they are a person with more sensitive skin. Always test on a small patch of skin before using – we suggest inner arm!

Low temp soy wax, coconut oil, food grade body safe flavor/essential oil. 

Allergy warning:
Massage Candles are made with Soy and Coconut oils. If you have topical allergies to either of these ingredients we do not recommend using them.

Warning: Never leave a burning candle unattended! Keep on a heat-resistant, stable surface. Trim wick to half inch before each use.

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