April Fool's Sale: Weird Petals – Rubber & Silicone Petal Slappers – Vegan Paddles, Floggers, Jacks

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You've met our rubber petal slappers before, but their cousins are weirder and wackier!

These vegan toys are made from a combination of recycled bike tubes and whatever silicone and plastic oddities our builder could get his hands on! They offer a wide range of sensations, all the way from stingy to thuddy, with a lengthy detour into "just plain weird".

Your options (roughly arranged from least to most strange) include:

  • Flooper (sizes: S, M, L)
  • Asymmetrical Slapper (sizes: S, M, L)
  • Metal Ball Tipped Silicone Flogger (sizes: S, L)
  • Water Bottle Jack (sizes: S, M)
  • Straw Bat
  • Unicorn Tail Flogger
  • Silicone-Core Slapper 
  • Faux Flesh Flogger
  • Scrub Crop (sizes: S, L)
  • SNEK, aka the Medusa Flogger
  • Wobble Toe Critter
  • ~WILD CARD~ (sizes: M, L): take a gamble, we promise we'll send you something strange!

See product photos for examples of each. But remember, these friends are one-of-a-kind! You can select a style and size for your toy, but you never know just what you're going to get...

Fun facts about some of our friends:

  • The SNEK flogger contains 36 toy snakes of several different species.
  • The Faux Flesh Flogger is made from silicone skin used to practice eye tattoos. If you look close, you'll see the outlines of eyes in the falls.
  • The Unicorn Tail Flogger has about a hundred twists of hair, which is humanely harvested from unicorns necromantically resurrected using dinosaur blood synthetic.

WARNING! Toys made from bike tube rubber may be latex reactive! Not recommended for use by those with latex allergies.

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