Agreeable Agony Steel Claws

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Our very popular stainless steel finger claws / kitten claws have finally returned!

These claws hug the tips of your fingers to allow for scratching and sensation play without the need for long nails. They are adjustable to fit individual fingers—adjustments can be made with a pair of pliers or vice grips.

These claws also make an excellent violet wand electrical play accessory. 

You can also add a nice wooden storage box to keep your claws in.

Now available as singles, or as sets of 5 or 10. The sets consist of 4 claws of the same size and one larger claw to accommodate the thumb. Sets are sold as small or large. The singles come in small, large, and extra-large.(The extra-large option is best for someone with big hands who wants the claw to fit their thumb).

Claws are shaped and finished by hand, so there may be some imperfections.

Typical order processing time is 3-4 business days before mailing. Ship time estimates at checkout do not include this processing time.

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