April Fool's Sale: Interesting Genitalia – Wax Play Candles – Vulva & Penis Candles

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Only 23 left!

Some of our genital candles (like so many of us) don't quite meet society's standards of perfection. These genitals look different from our usual ones, but we promise that they're just as colorful and hot as the others. ;D

Due to the time of year, we don't have any flaccid dicks available. We can offer you asymmetrical vulvas and vulvas with freckles/bruising (choose between UV/blacklight reactive or not), as well as rainbow dicks with unusual pigmentation (see photos) or one where the balls are slightly separated from the shaft. Colors may vary, and we cannot accommodate specific color requests.

Don't stigmatize skin conditions and STIs! Educate yourself and use safer sex practices.

Part of the trick this year is that we don't know when they will be shipped to you! Surprise! Agag is working and shipping remotely for the rest of the month at least and we will ship as we are able!

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