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Color Combo of the Month! - APRIL SURPRISE GRAB BAGS- 1/4" 6mm - Solid Braid MFP

$9.00 $125.00

April Fools Grab Bag MFP Rope!  

You choose the quantity and we choose the colors! Please note in the "notes" when you place your order if you are interested in all 30 foot lengths or if you want a couple 15 foot shorties or if you are willing to take some 50s! If you don't tell us, we will surprise you!  We might send you extra rope if we feel like it! 

150 feet for $40   (5 30" bundles - $50 normally ) 

300 feet for $70  (10 30' Bundles $100 normally)

450 feet for $100 (15 30" bundles  $150 normally )

Whole uncut 500 foot spool for $100 ( $125 normally We only have two whole spools available)

We also have a spool of strangely braided red 5/16 MFP! Its the same fiber as always but its a little stiffer than our normal braid method.   There are about 300 feet left on this spool for $90 - Regular $125



Top quality 100% MFP bondage/suspension rope.

MFP is a waterproof rope that is also resistant to most oils and lubricants. Unlike dyed ropes, this rope is manufactured with colored fiber so that the color is vibrant throughout and does not bleed. The rope is machine washable and easily cared for.

All of our ropes are braided specifically with bondage/kink in mind. They are carefully braided to be extremely soft and smooth on the skin while still holding a knot well.


All of our rope is designed by us and built to our specifications at a local rope braiding facility.

Rope listed is 1/4" MFP, contact us for other thicknesses.

All rope is custom cut to order so please allow 4-6 business days before shipment. For full 500ft spool orders it can take 4-6 weeks depending on inventory ( International orders: Please contact us for spool pricing estimates, international shipping on spools is more expensive, sorry)

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