Kait Bondage – Kait Tali Baja Tahan Karat Padat

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Kail kami memiliki bola atau telur stainless steel yang dimasukkan ke dalam anus; cincin terbuka kemudian dapat digabungkan dengan tali untuk memberikan tekanan dari luar.

Semuanya dibuat dengan baja tahan karat kelas bedah (#420) poles-tinggi 1/2", dan dibuat dengan mulus untuk kebersihan dan kebersihan yang optimal. Baja memberikan bobot yang menyenangkan saat dipakai.


Enam varietas kami:

1. Bola Tunggal Kecil (loop flush):  Bola yang dapat dimasukkan berdiameter ~1". Loop berputar ke samping untuk duduk sejajar dengan bodi untuk membuat model ini lebih dapat dikenakan.  

2. Bola Tunggal Sedang (loop 90° tradisional):   Bola yang dapat dimasukkan berdiameter ~1,5". Loop berada di luar dari tubuh.   

3. Single Sedang Bola (flush loop):   Bola yang dapat dimasukkan berdiameter ~1,5". Loop adalah berbalik datar ke tubuh.

4. Telur Sarang Lebah Sedang (flush loop): Penataan sarang lebah dari telur juga memberikan sensasi tekstur yang menyenangkan. Telur yang dapat dimasukkan berdiameter ~1,5". Lingkaran berputar ke samping untuk duduk rata dengan tubuh.  

5. Telur Besar (loop biasa): Telur besar berdiameter 2" pada titik terlebar, dan diruncingkan untuk memudahkan penyisipan. Bola besar dan konstruksi baja padat memberikan bobot yang sangat berat. Loop terpasang sejajar dengan kail, mencuat di belakang tubuh.

6. Kait Depan (loop kecil): Pengait ini dapat dikenakan di depan atau belakang, tetapi dirancang untuk dikenakan di bagian depan dan memberikan tekanan pada G-Spot. Terbuat dari baja padat 1" yang halus, pengait ini memiliki bobot yang sangat berat.

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Customer Reviews

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Very heavy and solid, feels amazing

I bought this to use on my sub but like usual I couldn't help but try it out on myself as soon as it arrived. I was blown away with the quality, it is solid, heavy and smooth with no imperfections. It really looks like a single piece of stainless steel with no obvious joints at the loop or the ball. The medium ball slipped in easily and I worked from home for an hour with it tied to my waist and collar. Trying to bend over or pressing on it causes great stimulation, and its size and weight feel great too. I can't wait to use it on my sub.


Very heavy and obviously good quality, this has some weight to it! Love the color and the ridged head. Shipping was delayed by a lot but that was a supply issue which is common these days so not unexpected.


Rating: 4.5 stars Communication with shop was excelent resolving a shipping issue. Well constructed and polished overall with a tiny bit of gringing irregularity at the narrowest inside corner where the rope ties, nothing easily visible or effecting usage in any way. Where the egg attaches to the rod it is slightly concave but very even all around. I presume it was weilded together, then the weild was ground at that spot. Having worked in stone finishing it takes talent to get joints like that perfectly flat and polished without scuffs. Whoever finished that weild did pretty decent job. As somone with experience using other higher end steel toys, the quality competes with premium brands for both construction and choice of alloy. Will carry most peoples bodyweight. Wish they had offered the flush loop on the egg model.

Galaxia K

I am very happy with it! Looks very intimidating up close :-) I recommend this product and this vendor.


i paid a little more for this hook, but the quality is top notch; definitely worth it. Very heavy duty, smooth, cold and unforgiving; really a top notch product! This hook will last for centuries!

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