Agreeable Agony Steel Claws - LOW STOCK

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Rachel Federman

These claws are perfect! Sharp enough for sensation play, but dull enough to be safe. They're easy to resize. They arrived quickly and came with a cute storage box. So happy with my purchase.

Steven Arnold

I love how scratchy it feels on my skin. My Dom uses it during our sensory play and impact scenes. He loves making me squirm.

Ilima Peterson

My sex partners have lost their fucking minds when I pull out the claw - i’ll be buying more to complete the set!

Maggie Johnston

This was given as a gift for a friend from another friend. I was just the middle person with an etsy account. As far as I know, they enjoyed them.

David Quinn

Very well made, great design that allows the claws to be well controlled while using the hands. And the came in a BEAUTIFUL little handmade box! How awesome is that?

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