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You've met our rubber petal slappers before, but their cousins are brighter and more colorful! 

These vegan toys are made from a combination of recycled bike tubes and whatever beautiful and bright silicone and plastic oddities our builder could get his hands on! They offer a wide range of sensations, all the way from stingy to thuddy.

Meet your new friends: 

  • P41- Textured lavender silicone mat falls surrounding light blue silicone strips. 
  • P42- Made from TCG play mat/mouse pad featuring a dragon which you can see on the outer falls when held still.  Inner falls mostly black. 
  • P43- Mint green falls decorated with geometric shapes on the outside with silicone mat falls of different pastel colors on the inside. 
  • P44- Light blue textured silicone mat falls surrounding sunset colored silicone mat strips. 
  • P45- Fall made from baby pink hollow pyramid textured mats with light blue silicone mat strip interior. 
  • P46- This black silicone flogger's secret is all the falls have a black *shiny* side! 
  • P47- White, blue, and neon yellow dinosaurs decorate the outside falls while the interior are all black.  
  • P48- Magenta textured silicone mat falls surround light blue matt falls. 
  • P49- Heavy and thick with grey textured silicone mat falls surrounding smooth grey silicone mat interior falls. 
  • P50- White, blue, and neon yellow dinosaurs appear in the falls of this flogger when you hold it straight up.  Interior of translucent white silicone mat strands. 

WARNING! Toys made from bike tube rubber may be latex reactive! Not recommended for use by those with latex allergies.

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