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550 Paracord Rope (100 ft/30 m)

550 Paracord Rope (100 ft/30 m)

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From the manufacturer's description:

This USA-made 550 Paracord gets its name from the 550 lbs. of tensile strength it is capable of withstanding.

It contains an internal 7-strand core, each made up of 2-ply cords. This multilayered construction gives it the strength to support high levels of weight while remaining compact, lightweight and highly flexible. In addition to its strength and durability, 550 cord is made from materials that won't rot if exposed to water and will not fray and break from UV exposure.

550 Paracord is an all-in-one product that can resist a variety of situations, making it one of the most versatile cords on the market today. Its lightweight construction and high tensile strength allow for a significant degree of adaptability to different situations.

What can you use 550 Paracord for?

Its strength, flexibility, and easy of use makes it a great option for bondage, and its thin diameter makes it ideal for detailed rope work in sensitive areas! Available in a variety of vibrant colors, this multi-use rope is a must-have for a variety of situations - from your bedroom all the way to your kinky camping trip!

Available in a variety of vibrant colors to fit your kinky aesthetic!


Material - Polyester/Nylon material
Diameter - 4mm
Length - 100 ft (30 m)
Tensile strength - 550 lb.
7-strand core
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Customer Reviews

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Saskia Grunberger
Great cord!

This is the first cord I’ve ever bought and I didn’t really know what to expect . It’s beautiful (galaxy) and really strong and soft. I love it! I will definitely be buying more in the future!