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Agreeable Agony

Premium Titanium Bonded Safety Scissors - EMT Shears - Safety Shears - Trauma Shears

$12.00 $14.00
  • Made of high grade stainless steel. Fully autoclavable with one serrated blade and flattened blunt folded end for maximum safety
  • 7.5" (19cm) large size with comfortable plastic covered handles
  • These are ideal for cutting bondage rope and are essential safety equipment.
  • Will also cut through leather, webbing etc. easily and without risk of injury.
  • Don't risk injury by using a knife with a sharp blade or point, especially in poor light. 
  • Grey and red comfort grip handle
The Titanium bonded blades are 3 times harder than regular stainless steel and stay sharper longer. These shears resist rust and corrosion, are angled for easier operation and have a blunt safety tip to help prevent injury.

We also offer a variety of other safety shears in regular and rainbow coated steal. Our full listing can be found HERE

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