Romantic Candlelit Dinner Package – Wax Play Candles – Genital Candles

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Get your burn on with this sexy threesome of genital candles—vulvas, dicks, and tentacles!

These wax play candles are fun to use, easy to hold, and just the right temperature for hours of fun. A wonderful gift for that special someone in your life.

You can choose between regular and UV-reactive dyes for your candle triad; specific colors will vary. (You can leave color preferences in the order notes, and we will try to honor them depending on availability!)

All candles are made of 100% pure paraffin. Pouring temperature is 124-126°F. Adjusting distance from body will affect pouring temp slightly. Vulva and dick candles have similar total wax volume. The dick candles stand 5" tall; the vulvas are 3" tall

Please note: all candle orders have a processing time of 2-3 weeks before shipping due to the hand crafted nature (sometimes longer on big orders). Please check shipping policies on all items for shipping time estimates.



Colored wax does have dye in it and may stain light-colored surfaces. We generally recommend a hard or easily cleaned surface, or putting down a dark cloth you don't care about.

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