Rubber Petal with Rope – Vegan Impact Toy – Single Toy Listing #12

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This listing is for a single, already-made toy—once it’s gone, it’s gone!

This vegan impact toy, made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, is cored with some of our red and black MFP rope for color. The rope doesn’t affect the solid thud of the petal, but its fringed tips offer a fun light sensation option.


WARNING! Toys made from bike tube rubber may be latex reactive! Not recommended for use by those with latex allergies. Please be conscientious if you plan to use this toy in shared spaces.

Wash with warm, soapy water and hang to dry. If heavier cleaning is required, furniture wipes will do the trick. (If thorough sterilization is needed, you can use alcohol or CaviCide, but that will shorten the life of the toy significantly.)

For storage, hanging is best, but laying flat is fine. Extended exposure to direct sunlight or temperatures above 120°F can cause the materials to degrade (please don’t leave it in your car on a warm, sunny day!). The falls are fairly sturdy, but they can become misshapen if stored folded or squished.

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