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Riding Crop - 22,5 - 26" - Standard eller tilpasset skinn

Riding Crop - 22,5 - 26" - Standard eller tilpasset skinn

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Denne rideavlingen har en total kroppslengde på enten 22,5" eller 26", et komfortabelt, godt vektet håndtak, en lærtupp og en løkke ved basen for å forhindre at du mister den mens du rir, eh, hesteryggen.

Originalt/Standard håndtak er pakket inn med en myk grip-omslag og avdekket på enden.

Vi tilbyr også å lage tilpasset skinnhåndtak for avlingen din for å matche dine andre slagleker.

Originale/standard håndterte avlinger sendes innen 4-8 virkedager.

Skinnhåndterte avlinger er håndlagde tilpasset på bestilling. Standard byggetid er 5-7 uker.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stanley Kramer
Good product

Very good crop... sturdy and well-constructed. Nice firm shaft. Be nice if the loop strap could be removed. Not always needed and it flops around when not in use.

It hurts 👍

It gives a good sting and if you put some force into it you’ll get some bruising too. The only issue is the wrist loop being in a weird location which makes it awkward to use

Lynn M
Leather Custom Crop Dark Green and Dark Purple

Great quality crop I really like the colors and the ability to ask for different colored studs for the bottom of the handle. The leather tip offers a great solid sting.

Richard J. Owens Jr.

This company is amazing. It was recommended to me by a friend and they did not disappoint. I worked with Jessie and they took the time to help me get what I really wanted. They were kind and patient. The item it self is very well made. Looks and feels amazing. Can't wait to buy from them again. 10/10 would recommend and buy from again.