Grab Bag MFP – Stay Home and Play With Yourself Rope Sale!

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Only -6 left!

Assorted random ~30ft and ~15 bundles. We will occasionally swap in two 15" pieces for a 30" bundle - Please let us know if you would like all no 15s or more 15s!  Grab bags are a random collection of one-off colors we don't carry any more, random pre-cuts we have had too long, colors that are slightly different shades than our current inventory, and more! These are Mixed kits of what we have on hand and ready to go! 

4 Bundles for $34.95 – 8 for $64.95 – or 12 for only $94.95!

For folks who think, "I always need more rope..." – 20 for $149.95!
or if youre feeling wild... 40pc for $279.95

Grab them while they last! 

If you have any general requests like "not pink" or "only three-color twists" or "as many colors as possible", put it in the notes section at checkout and we will try our best to accommodate! If your request is something like "no girly colors", we will laugh at you and send you whatever we want.   

Please be aware that all requests are Requests only, this is a random grab bag and subject to availability of our assorted 29-30ft ropes.  If you want to pick specific colors of 30ft bundles we recommend you check out our Bulk 30ft Bundles Listing for discounts on single color purchases of your choice in packs of 5-50 bundles. 

(PS – Rope pictured is for display only and does not represent the colors and patterns you will be receiving.)

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