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Colored unscented candles in small pouring pitchers for ease of use and subtlety.  All candles are designed specifically with kinky wax play in mind.

All candles are made of 100% pure paraffin. Temperature is 124*f. Adjusting distance from body will adjust pouring temp slightly as well.

Available in a variety of colors, see pictures, or make a request and I will see what I can manage.

We also UV Reactive candles. These are otherwise exactly the same except for the glowing in black light. There may be areas of UV candles that are 1-2f hotter than the regular candles. 

Our mini Candles are a brand new product in 2016. They currently only come in a set of Black/Red/Purple (our most popular colors) or a random single candle in one of those 3 colors.  These candles are 2.75oz of wax and are perfect for a single play session or a few uses if you are playing with multiple colors.