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Hot Wax & Bondage Rope Starter Kit – Pitcher Candle & MFP Rope with Storage bag

Hot Wax & Bondage Rope Starter Kit – Pitcher Candle & MFP Rope with Storage bag

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Just getting started? Want to expand your collection and try out new kink sensations? We have just the thing for you!

3x 30ft bundles of our MFP Bondage Rope. These are perfect for practicing all your basic single and double column ties. Also great for hitching together to try out chest harnesses, body harness, Karada, hog tie, or other popular ties.

It also includes Safety Shears (EMT Bandage Shears) for safely cutting rope off someone in cases of emergency.

Next, one of our famous Wax Play Pitcher Candles for those who want to explore the lovely pleasures of hot wax play.

Last, but definitely not least, it includes one of our satin storage bags for keeping your whole kit safe when taking it with you to events.

Please note: all candle orders have a processing time of 3-8 business days before shipping due to the hand crafted nature 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I’m so happy with this set! I love the beautiful jewel tones and how well all the pieces match! I got an extra set of shears just in case 😁


Absolutely love the colors of the rope and candle! Exactly what we were looking for. Love Agreeable Agony and will shop again.


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Chandler Kuster

I’m in love! Quality of rope seems great, the scissors match the rope which is so thoughtful, the bag is great and I am soooo excited to use the wax pitcher. I left a comment on my purchase nicely requesting the lime UV candle and they were so kind to oblige :). The shipping was much faster than estimated, even through the winter storm we had in my state. Will absolutely be purchasing from this shop again. Colors I got- rope: hot pink UV candle: lime UV. I’m attaching a picture to show what they look like under a blue light.

Veronica Orta

Very lovely colors to the rope and candle! Can’t wait to try these out!