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Petal Slapper - Rubber Paddle - Flower Slapper

Petal Slapper - Rubber Paddle - Flower Slapper

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Petal slappers are a rubber paddle made from upcycled bike tube rubber stylized to look like the petals of a flower or other plants. The regular ones only come in one color (black), but like a flower they are all unique in shape and style of the petals. The hybrid/silicone ones add splashes of color with other fun/weird silicone materials.

We have everything from small rounded petals to long spikey mean ones. We also have ones with heavy loops in them that leave a lovely mark. The silicone hybrids add even more variety in material, color, and unique oddity. No two toys are alike.

This toy is an interesting mix of sting and thud. Because of the material it is mostly stingy. It leaves wonderful petal-shaped marks on bare skin.

Please note: As mentioned above these toys are made from recycled bicycle tubes and tires. This means the material itself is highly variable and may have markings such as lines, numbers, symbols, words, etc visible on the product. We consider this a feature and not a bug. We enjoy showcasing this unique and funky recycled material that we have upcycled into a beautiful spanking flower.


Toys made from recycled natural bike tube rubber are latex reactive. Not for use by those with latex allergies!


All custom rubber products take 2-3 weeks to build before shipment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Slap happy!!

I absolutely love my new petal slapper!! Was exactly as I was hoping it would be, just like the images. Great price and very good shipping time for a custom made product shipped overseas. Thankyou 🙏🏻

Holli Fears
Looked all over..

I saw one like this that a friend had and kept searching until I found Agreeable Agony. I am so in love with this toy!


They are so amazing. I love this company's work

Sarah Mortley

This feedback is super appreciated. We have been pushing to improve the price and speed of our international shipping options, and its great to know it is working for folks!

Kayla Whitaker

So my rating of the item has nothing to do with the shop or shipping. Maybe there was a miscommunication between myself and the shop. I had a picture in my head that looked similar to the pictures for the item, but with a modification. The shop talked over options on the modification with me. Something got lost in translation, because I feel that rather than a petal slapper with a little thud and rope, I got a Jack thumper made of bike tire and rope. The quality of the product is excellent, it is very well made. The shop sent it to me faster than they anticipated, which I appreciate. I’m not sure what happened, maybe a miscommunication or misunderstanding on my part. But this is not what I was hoping for or thinking it would be. I was really looking forward to this, so I’m quite a bit let down.