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Dragon tails are a rolled whip-like toy that is extremely versatile. Great accuracy, but much easier to use and heavier than a classic single-tail braided whip.

Let us know what you want and we will make you a toy you can fall in love with. We can give you a braided or a simple wrapped leather handle. Available leather colors vary: please let us know your desires and we will do our best to accommodate. If no color(s)/style is specified, we will ship from what is available.

Deerhide: For deer dragon tails, the colors available are highly limited. We can typically offer black, red, purple, and green, but other colors may be available—get in touch to discuss options. The deer dragon tail have a much softer, buttery stroke. They throw faster and are the sort of leather you just have to pet. 

Deerhide is listed as available in 2ft and 3ft only due to the size of a hide needed to offer a full 4ft tail. We can occasionally make a deerhide dragon tail in 4ft; if this is a thing you desire, please contact us and we can check if there is a hide large enough. 

Sizing: We recommend far-shoulder-to-fingertip as a rough guideline for most controllable starting length—this means a 3ft for most folks, and a 4ft if you're rather tall. Note that the posted lengths include the handle. The 2ft length are fun, but not really long enough to roll and move with the same traditional movement expected from a regular dragon tail. 


Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Hans Von Straphon
Love it

Beautifully crafted and lovely to throw. Highly recommend to anyone who wants this very versatile toy in their bag.


Very nice solid and weighted handle nicely offsets the length of the whip.

Amanda Thompson

Very well made! Will recommend

Justin Smith

Beautiful and fantastic. Love the feel and sound

Black Cat

amazing as usual, beautifully done

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