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Leather Dragon Tail Whip - Custom to order

Leather Dragon Tail Whip - Custom to order

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Dragon tails are a rolled whip-like toy that is extremely versatile. Great accuracy, but much easier to use and heavier than a classic single-tail braided whip. Our tails are made with a soft flexible cowhide for optimal movement.

 Sizing: We recommend far-shoulder-to-fingertip as a rough guideline for most controllable starting length—this means a 3ft for most folks, and a 4ft if you're rather tall. Note that the posted lengths include the handle. The 2ft length are fun, but not really long enough to roll and move with the same traditional movement expected from a regular dragon tail. 

 Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Dom Von Gogh
ONE of my Sub’s ALL time FAVORITES

This is the second Dragon tail that I’ve ordered from Agreeable Agony ! We absolutely love it ! She LOVES the ability for me to give her BOTH sting and thud with the same implement. It is of the highest quality and is super easy to learn to use proficiently and accurately, unlike a single tail whip which can take a year or more. I’ve also seen a number of other Dragon Tail’s by other manufacturers at numerous kink events and NONE can compare to the utmost quality of the Agreeable Agony Dragon Tail !

Otto Technika
Amazing toy

I played with a friend’s and instantly fell in love with the 4’ dragon tail. I went to a couple of different events and tried to find something comparable but nothing came close. After getting to use hers a second time I broke down and bought my own and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve recommended it to at least a dozen friends already. Great product 10/10z

Robert Odell

As an experienced whip thrower, I was curious to see whether a dragon tail could take advantage of my skills with bullwhips and snake whips. The answer is yes. My 4 foot model rolls and cracks beautifully and creates very nice warm up impact before I go to work with my single tails.

Great quality/instructions not followed

The quality of the product is good, however I had messages with the maker to make my Dragon’s tail with certain colors incorporating two different colors within the braiding of the handle, and some black added. The handle braid was all in one color, except for two little bands on each end, and the black I requested was not in it at all

My 4 foot dragon tail.

I absolutely enjoy my new dragon tail from you guys. I have a three footer, which is great. I own a bunch of their stuff from Flogger’s to Jack’s a cat of nine tails thumpers. They are all excellent quality and I recommend these guys to anybody they make really good stuff..