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Bullhide Flogger - Leather Flogger - Custom to order

Bullhide Flogger - Leather Flogger - Custom to order

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A just-for-you one-of-a-kind bullhide flogger made to your specifications.

Bullhide is one of  our thickest leather, and it’s denser and  a little stiffer than the other options. A bullhide flogger packs quite a wallop. Due to the thickness of the hide, a bull flogger with thin (¼” or ½”) falls will have a good mix of thud and sting in it (you can always get a nice sharp sting with the tips of the falls). A bull flogger with wider (¾” or 1”) falls offers a deep, penetrating thud. Our bullhide comes in a fairly limited range of colors, so please be ready to be flexible with color options.

The length and width of the fall, handle, and grip can always be customized at your request. Please note that our handle braids, hanging loop, and handle wraps are all made with cowhide. The pricing tiers are based on total square footage of leather used in the toy.  This means within the same size toy shorter or thinner falls will result in greater total fall count, and longer or wider falls will result in a smaller total fall count. Bison and Bull are thick leathers, so fewer falls still have a lot of volume and weight. To give you an idea of the range for Bison & Bullhide (other leathers vary).

Example Cuts (and fall sheet sqft size):

  • Little guys have approx. 14 falls, ~14" x 1/2" (~0.73sqft fall sheet)
  • Smalls have approx. 21 falls, ~16" x 1/2" (~1.24sqft fall sheet)
  • Standards have approx 30 falls, ~18" x 1/2"  (~1.98sqft fall sheet)
  • Larges have approx. 42 falls, ~21-22" x 1/2" (~3.35sqft fall sheet)

Select the leather & size you want from the listing, and then you can select your customization options from the following menus. Be sure to utilize the "Additional Styling Requests" box for any special requests. 

We will do our best to make something you will fall in love with and use forever

We counterbalance each piece individually so that the pivot point is at the top of the hand, to ease the ergonomics of a figure eight throw.

If you want to buy one that is already made and ready to ship, we sometimes have a few available. Saw a particular toy you loved at a convention or in a photo? Tell us! We may be able to make something similar.

We stand by the durability of our toys. If you manage to break one, let us know how, mail it to us or bring it to us at a convention, and we will fix it. All leather toys are guaranteed for the lifetime of the builder.

Optional add-on for all flogger purchases: Included free of charge 

Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Purple Flogger

I purchased a new flogger and I love it I used it on a play date and my bottom liked it the best out of my other 12 agreeable agony floggers.

Holli Fears

Beautiful and so well-made. I love it!

Jon Lewis

Super cool! Little tiny bits are coming off, like lint, but it’s amazing!

Dominique Smith
Excellent Item and Excellent Customer Service

I just got my custom floggers and LOVE them so much. The inverse handles and tails are just as I wanted them and the feel is great in my hands, the leather is also great quality. It's nice and weighty. Jesse was great to work with. If there was something that couldn't work, he let me know and offered alternative solutions, responded quickly, and was really informative. It was a smooth process throughout and I'm glad I took the plunge and ordered. I mentioned this on another item, and I'll mention it again. They've gained a life long customer.


Item was exactly as expected. Brilliant communication and 5 star service.