Collection: Bondage Rope & Shibari

Top quality bondage/suspension rope. All of our ropes are braided or twisted specifically with bondage/kink in mind. They are carefully made to be extremely soft and smooth on the skin while still holding a knot well

MFP is a synthetic, waterproof rope similar to nylon that is also resistant to most oils and lubricants. Unlike dyed ropes, this rope is braided with colored fiber so that the color is vibrant throughout and does not bleed. The rope is machine washable and easily cared for. All our rope meets safety specifications set forth by The Cordage Institute, and a PDF detailing our rope's full specifications, including break weights, can be found here.

All of our MFP rope is heat sealed ~1/2" from the end. This leaves soft ends similar to a whipped end on a natural fiber rope. 

All of our rope items are hand cut, processed, and packaged to order. Ship times vary depending on the item (mfp, hemp, full spools, etc)  - Please see individual listings for ship time details.