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Bear Claws - Sensation Play Plastic Claws

Bear Claws - Sensation Play Plastic Claws

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These plastic bear claws are claws are made of durable heat-resistant nylon reinforced for tensile strength, and they are dishwasher safe.

Bear claws feature sharp, rigid teeth with a wide tapered design. With 6 claws per paw, these make a lovely fun sensation play toy for dragging across the skin. The smooth plastic handles give them a comfortable grip design for ease of use and movement during a scene. 

Sold as single "paw" or set of two. 

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Customer Reviews

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Matt R
She LOVES it!

We recently discovered her love of sensation play. We tried a couple of different tools but nothing seemed to quite dig into her the way she likes it. The closest we could come to the best sensation were the individual finger claws that you wrap around your fingertips. That may work for some people but we found that they kept falling off my fingers. Then we got the bear claw. My goodness, the first run down her back, all the way down her legs, over her feet and back up again send shivers up her spine. They are just sharp enough but not too vicious, if that makes sense. My oversized hand can hold on to the grip just fine and I find it's easier to control that than it is the individual claw tips on my fingers. If you are also into sensation play then I highly recommend this product.


lightweight and good for sensation play, not blood play


Maple, I am glad you liked these over all. We do have some steal claws that can be easily sharpened if you want that sort of upgrade!

Crystal Engelking

Great shop communication- and I recommend going through their website as well! Great toy 😇

Daniel Neasbitt

We are sorry to have disappointed. We are always appreciate and are open to constructive feedback.