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Rubber Snake Medusa Flogger - Vegan Flogger - Vegan Slapper

Rubber Snake Medusa Flogger - Vegan Flogger - Vegan Slapper

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Prebuilt ready to ship Flogger! 

Our one of a kind in stock ready to ship floggers  allow our builders to have some extra freedom with sizes and materials and make a fun toy.  If you love it snag it before its gone!
About this Specific "Flogger": 

The Medusa?  -  While it is unlikely that this impact toy will turn you to stone, it will provide a lovely slap. 

Not your average flogger (obv!?). This toy is made from 24 assorted rubber snakes.  The handle is made from recycled bike tube; weighted for balance like all of our toys. It swings and hits somewhere between a wide thuddy vegan petal slapper and a flogger.  

Total toy length is ~19-21"
The handle is ~8-9"
The snakes are 14" long traced along the body, but they are bendy.  The exposed snakes reach to around 7-9" past the end of the toy (in a straight line) - the flower area extends over them a bit to help keep them grouped. The widest part down near the head varies from 4-5" clumped to ...kind of as spread as you want them to be.  But on a swing the striking area of the tips ends up being generally around 6-7" width. 

We build these toys to be as durable as we can make them!  If you find an issue with the build quality please reach out ASAP.  That said, the lifetime of rubber snakes, and their features  (tongues, paint, etc) may not have quite the lifespan of our leather toys. 

***Please Note:  Prebuilt items are very limited stock only available in the color/style listed. 

If you prefer, we can also have a just-for-you one-of-a-kind leather flogger custom made to your specifications!

Want something weird and custom?  Send us an email and we can discuss what is possible!

All of our in stock leather orders are packed and and shipped by hand by our team. Please allow 3-5 business days for fulfillment queue

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Customer Reviews

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One snappy little flogger!

The snakes may seem silly, but they are slappy, stingy good fun! I used this on my submissive for the first time recently, and the faster I went the more he yelled. Definitely a fun toy to add to any impact bag.