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Rope Cutting Hooks – Emergency Rope Cutting Tool – Rope Cutter Hook - SuperVisor XT

Rope Cutting Hooks – Emergency Rope Cutting Tool – Rope Cutter Hook - SuperVisor XT

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These rope hooks are an excellent alternative or addition to your safety shears, a vital part of a rigger's kit for cutting ties quickly and safely in case of emergency.

Designed as a safety tool for automobiles, the 440 stainless steel blade can cut through tough fibers easily, including rope, webbing, leather, and more. The ergonomic hook design allows for cutting rope that's tight against skin without risk of injury.

Two styles:

  • The auto escape hook has a plastic handle in BlackHot Pink, Orange, or Green. The tool also includes a carbide-tipped window punch—so you can keep this in your car when it's not on hand for play.
  • The Growler has a bottle opener in addition to the cutting hook. This hook is mostly steel, with a small ring of camouflage-print plastic for ergonomics.

All rope hooks come with a sturdy nylon belt sheath; the auto escape hooks also come with a car visor-mountable sheath that can double as a thigh sheath for some people. 

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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia T
Got this for sailing

I actually got this tool for cutting lines in a sailing emergency. It is larger than I thought. The exposed blade must be kept in the sheath (2 supplied) for safety. Haven't tried it out yet, as it is not sailing season -- I should. Looks wicked


Great quality once again from Agreeable Agony. Tested it and it works like a charm.


simple straightforward and effective tool. I like these much better than shears.


As expected! Would buy again!


Much smaller than expected, or my hands are much bigger than I thought. :) It's sharp but just doesn't feel quite right in the hand so not sure how it would play out if needed urgently.