All of our items are custom made, sized, kitted, and packed to order. We are packing and filling orders as quickly as we are able, aiming to meet our standard shipping windows as stated in individual item listings on our website (eg 5-7 business days before shipment for most rope). It is is likely that your order will get filled & shipped before the end of this window, but it is also possible, especially for custom rope cuts that your order may take longer to fill. If you need expedited processing, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate.

Our safety standards meet or exceed all Massachusetts requirements for businesses that fill online orders. We are focusing on hand washing, disinfecting surfaces, wearing masks at the appropriate times, and avoiding shared workspace.

Unfortunately, the reality of COVID-19 means that we are dealing with national and international shipping delays. Customers are often seeing longer delays in arrival times after leaving our warehouse for domestic and international shipments. If you are seeing an extended pause in tracking status, your order is most likely not lost, just delayed.  Our customer service team utilizes the same tracking tools as our customers and therefore does not have access to any additional tracking details than what is currently being provided by USPS or UPS. Our office staff will continue to work remotely as state and county requirements/recommendations evolve.

Our impact crafters are still steadily building at home - with increased hand washing and surface and tool sanitizing. Any completed custom toys will be put into storage for any possible contamination to wear off. These toys will be shipped from our local home post offices when possible within their original 3-4 week time frame.

Our office staff will be working remotely on customer communications, convention applications, and product development! 

If you need to reach us: 

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