As you may have noticed, we here at Agreeable Agony are an assortment of many varieties of queer. We love a good rainbow or pride flag/shirt/hat/face-paint/giant plush unicorn/full back tattoo/etc. as much as the rest of y'all! We've had a lot of folks get excited about our Flaming Cupcake rope matching the bi pride flag, and we realized, why not do more pride colors?

So this year, for the first time, we're super duper excited to offer some special edition pride-themed rope twists! Pride twists are available in 30ft lengths in kits of 1, 3, or 5 bundles of our 1/4" (6mm) MFP. You can also add a pair of rainbow-bladed safety shears.

This is our first time introducing so many new twists at the same time, so we did our best to choose a variety of pride flag colors and represent them in the limited medium of braided rope. However, we know we weren't able to include everybody's pride colors. If yours is missing, you can order a custom pride twists spools!

We also created some pride-themed rope kits by mixing and matching bundles of our standard 1/4" (6mm) MFP rope colors. You can get these in kits of 3 or 6 bundles, with rainbow shears as an optional add-on.

Pride colors we're offering this year, in both braided rope and combo kits, include:

  • Trans: Aqua, Rose Pink, White

  • Rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Purple

  • Pan: Hot Pink, Yellow, Aqua

  • Nonbinary: Yellow, White, Purple, Black

  • Lesbian: Red, Hot Pink, Rose Pink, White, Raspberry, Burgundy

  • LeatherBDSM: Black, Royal Blue, White, Red

  • Genderqueer: Purple, White, Green

  • GenderfluidHot Pink, White, Purple, Black, Royal Blue 

  • Bi: Hot Pink, Purple, Royal Blue

  • Bear: Brown, Goldenrod, Gold, White, Silver, Black

  • AroAgender: Green, White, Silver, Black

  • Ace/Demi: Purple, White, Silver, Black

We have also expanded our pride flag & rainbow offerings for our pitcher candles and our floggers. Check out the whole Pride Specials Collection!

We'd love to see you all tied up in your pride colors! Please post photos and tag us on FetLifeInstagram, or Twitter.

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