Stay Home & Play With Yourself Sale!

Posted by Lazy Ninja on

With the cancellation of Tethered Together and FIRE we wanted to offer you all some fabulous deals on our rope and rope accessories! 

  • Grab Bag MFP! ~30 foot bundles with great discounts!
  • Seconds books while supplies last! - Lightly damaged Land & Shibari You Can Use
  • On top of this we would like to offer an additional 5% off of our entire Bondage Rope and Rope Bondage Accessories section!
  • Enter discount code - PlayWithYourself2020 - at checkout to get this discount!
  • All other discounted kits in this section are still discounted as normal

    Discount code PlayWithYourself2020 will only be valid until Midnight 3/22/2020 EST.

    As always Free shipping for orders over $250.

    Stay safe, and enjoy your Corona virus isolation specials

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  • These new ropes are going to help time go by in keeping me tied up for hours

    Husdom74 on

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