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Fiery Vulvas - Wax Play Vulva Candle - Vagina Candle - Cunt Candle

Fiery Vulvas - Wax Play Vulva Candle - Vagina Candle - Cunt Candle

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Our very popular low-temp candle wax is now available in a new form! Brightly colored unscented paraffin candles, in the shape of lovely lovely vulvas,

These wax play candles are fun to use, easy to hold, and just the right temperature for hours of fun. A wonderful gift for the hot wax play candle lover in your life. They also make a great gag gift! We have flaming hot dicks available as well.

These candles are about 4 inches tall and 2-inches wide. You can choose between regular and UV-reactive dyes. Available in a variety of colors (see pictures). Candle color is selected at random based on availability (requests can be made in the order notes, but we cannot promise we'll be able to match them).

Now in freckled vulvas!

These cute designs burn and glow the same as the non-freckled versions. Through interesting candle production techniques we have created UV vulvas with a little freckled flair.

All candles are made of 100% pure paraffin. Pouring temperature is 124°F. Adjusting distance from body will adjust pouring temp slightly. 

Please note: all candle orders have a processing time of 3-8 business days before shipping due to the hand crafted nature (sometimes longer on big orders). Please check shipping policies on all items for shipping time estimates.



Colored wax does have dye in it and may stain light-colored surfaces. We generally recommend a hard or easily cleaned surface, or putting down a dark cloth you don't care about.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jenn H

Loved, loved this candle! The color, the pour, how easy it was to remove the wax. Highly recommend.


The jack I received is perfect! They customized the colors and precisely matched my request. The craftsmanship is superb! I have various leather tools in my kit from different creators, but this is the best made by far. Shipping takes a while, but totally worth the wait. I’m already looking towards purchasing the big boi jack next!

Nathaniel Adams

These react very well to black light. I haven’t used them. So, I can’t speak to the low temperature wax aspect. And, they look great!

Lady Euphoria

Great for gifts, display, and getting drippy without the hassle of a glass container. Fit right in your hand!