Reducing International Shipping Prices & Headaches - 2024 edition!

Reducing International Shipping Prices & Headaches - 2024 edition!

Reducing International Shipping Prices & Headaches - 2024 edition!

Ever since we launched free US shipping over $49 last year we have been working tirelessly to find ways to reduce costs for international shipping.

We have always shipped all over the world, but in the past a lot of locations were prohibitively expensive for shipping or with surprise taxes on delivery.

It is my pleasure to announce that in early 2024 our primary international carrier (OrangeDS) LOWERED most of our rates!


  • AU and NZ see Biggest Change : Shipping prices have gone down Dramatically, with delivery in 5-12 business days. These are calculated by exact package weight at high granularity by our website! We also are offering free shipping on orders over $275(USD) to AU/NZ 

  • Affordable Express options! Many locations also have access to our even faster 2-6 business day fedex option for a little more if you need a rush!

  • Mid Weight Packages win big! : Packages 1-2kg Show the biggest drop, with those prices falling for almost every country we ship to! This means adding a few more items you need wont throw your shipping prices sky high.

  • Canada got faster : Our Canadian shipping which struggled with speed last year (Sorry!) has been switched over to a new carrier who is much more reliable and much faster. We are working to improve this and are hoping to be able to drop prices further soon! - The Fedex ICP option is also extremely fast if its needed.

  • UK continues to improve : Shipping prices to UK continue to go Down. We now offer free shipping on UK orders over £49

  • Taxes for EU as well as UK, CA, CH, SG, EG, SA, EG, AE, JO, OM, BH, QA, KW  got easier & cheaper : This one is huge! (and exciting to me cause i am a nerd for this shit). Folks from all of the above countries will now have taxes and duty collected at checkout and PREPAID by us! This means no more surprise carrier COD fees at the door on top of at delivery tax collection.

  • More Countries with Free Shipping!: In addition to domestic free shipping, we now have free shipping thresholds for most countries we ship to! These will show in the top bar on our website!

If you have any issue with the site or think the rates look unrealistically high feel free to reach out and talk to us and we can try to help!

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