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Seconds Candles – Wax Play Candles in Glass Pitchers & Minis - 2nds clearance

Seconds Candles – Wax Play Candles in Glass Pitchers & Minis - 2nds clearance

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Less-than-perfect wax play pitcher candles. They work normally, but they look weird, so you get them at a reduced price!

Sometimes our wax doesn't quite cooperate when poured. These candles, though perfectly usable and just as colorful as the others, aren't up to the standards we hold ourselves to in providing you with an excellent product. There may be extra striping, or layering, or some other visual defect.

Colors will vary, based on availability.

All candles are made of 100% pure paraffin, with a melting temperature of 124°F. (Increasing or decreasing distance from body will affect pouring temp slightly.) Pitcher candles have 9oz of wax.


Colored wax has dye in it and may stain light colored surfaces. We recommend playing over a hard or easily wiped down surface, or putting down a dropcloth.

We strongly suggest not pouring while the wick is lit. The best practice is to let a pool of wax melt and then blow out the candle before pouring. This keeps the jar from getting sooty and, as the candle gets lower, prevents excessive heating in one spot on the jar, which can cause spontaneous breakage.

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Couldn't be happier with these candles unless they brewed coffee afterwards and twisted one up.