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Leather Jack - Leather Thumper - Leather Beater - Custom to Order

Leather Jack - Leather Thumper - Leather Beater - Custom to Order

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The jacks are our most popular toys at conventions. These short-range, thuddy toys are both easy and fun to use!

Please specify in your order what color or colors you would like and we will do our best to find something close. We have a large leather selection and can customize something to your liking. 

Standard jacks are either rolled leather with a rubber core (core jack), or rolled leather only (full leather jack). They are flexible and heavy for their size. A thuddy toy used for thud-style impact play. Very much like a small leather padded bat. This toy is about 14" long.

Both varieties will be flexible. The full leather has more squish and more flex. It offers a softer thud. The rubber core jack has a denser harder feel and offers a slightly deeper thud with more follow through. 

Big Boi Jack:

The Big Boi jack is an oversized version of our original leather/color jack. It is made with thick, heavy bullhide (6-8oz leather) - 10-11" bullhide fall, 12-14" handle with a 7-8" grip. Pommel designed as an alternate striking element.

The big boi is about 21" long in total, comparatively the regular is about 14" total length.

The big boi with a core is significantly more rigid than the other cored toys as the core is CPVC + rubber

Braid Jack:

Braid jacks are a longer more flexible toy than our standard jacks. They have the same rubber core through the whole body of the toy, and are braided the full length of the toy.

The 8-12pt braids are simpler wider strand braids.
The 16pt braids are more complex finer strand braids, and allow slightly more easy articulation in the body of the toy.


Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Brian Stalker

Incredible weight and balance, that delivers a great blow. Would highly recommend this for any top.

All the feels.....

This thumper (Jack with core) is our new favorite. It is skillfully and exceptionally made. The leather and craftsmanship are top notch. The balance is good. The size and weight give you a lot of control. The impact and thud are lovely. I wish I was fully ambidextrous....I'd purchase another one. Thank you for a great product.


The jack I received is perfect! They customized the colors and precisely matched my request. The craftsmanship is superb! I have various leather tools in my kit from different creators, but this is the best made by far. Shipping takes a while, but totally worth the wait. I’m already looking towards purchasing the big boi jack next!

Lester Wrecksie

Yes the shipping takes forever, just be patient. It is so worth it! I'm in love.


amazing quality as always.