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Anal Hooks - Bondage Hook – Solid Stainless Steel Rope Hooks

Anal Hooks - Bondage Hook – Solid Stainless Steel Rope Hooks

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Our solid steel anal yooks feature a stainless steel ball or egg that is inserted into the anus; the open ring can then be combined with rope to apply pressure from the outside.

All of our Anal Hooks are made with 1/2" solid high-polish surgical grade (#420) stainless steel, and are built seamlessly for optimum hygiene and cleanability. The steel gives them a lovely pleasurable weight when worn.


Our six varieties:

1. Small Single Ball (flush loop):  The insertable ball is ~1" in diameter. The loop turns sideways to sit flush with the body to make this model more wearable.  

2. Medium Single Ball (traditional 90° loop):   The insertable ball is ~1.5" in diameter. Loop is outward away from the body.   

3. Medium Single Ball (flush loop):   The insertable ball is ~1.5" in diameter. Loop is turned flat against the body.

4. Medium Beehive Egg (flush loop): The beehive styling of the egg fives a fun textural feeling as well. The insertable egg is ~1.5" in diameter. The loop turns sideways to sit flush with the body.  

5. Large Egg (regular loop): The large egg measures 2" in diameter at widest point, and is tapered for easier insertion. The large ball and solid steel construction give it a lovely heavy weight. The loop is in line with the hook, sticking out behind the body.

6. Front Hook (small loop): This hook can be worn front or back, but it's designed to be worn on the front and apply pressure on the G-Spot. Made of 1" smooth solid steel, this hook has a lovely heavy weight.

Typical order processing time is 2-3 business days before mailing. Ship time estimates at checkout are for once it hits the mail.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

I purchased the large egg hook, and Wow!! Just WOW!!
It is of the highest quality. Heavy to hold, large and carries some commanding weight when inserted (I’ve been told by my sub - “it feels fulfilling”!!). I would highly recommend this product and supplier. Product is exactly what I wanted and much more!!!

Very heavy and solid, feels amazing

I bought this to use on my sub but like usual I couldn't help but try it out on myself as soon as it arrived. I was blown away with the quality, it is solid, heavy and smooth with no imperfections. It really looks like a single piece of stainless steel with no obvious joints at the loop or the ball. The medium ball slipped in easily and I worked from home for an hour with it tied to my waist and collar. Trying to bend over or pressing on it causes great stimulation, and its size and weight feel great too. I can't wait to use it on my sub.


Very heavy and obviously good quality, this has some weight to it! Love the color and the ridged head. Shipping was delayed by a lot but that was a supply issue which is common these days so not unexpected.


Rating: 4.5 stars Communication with shop was excelent resolving a shipping issue. Well constructed and polished overall with a tiny bit of gringing irregularity at the narrowest inside corner where the rope ties, nothing easily visible or effecting usage in any way. Where the egg attaches to the rod it is slightly concave but very even all around. I presume it was weilded together, then the weild was ground at that spot. Having worked in stone finishing it takes talent to get joints like that perfectly flat and polished without scuffs. Whoever finished that weild did pretty decent job. As somone with experience using other higher end steel toys, the quality competes with premium brands for both construction and choice of alloy. Will carry most peoples bodyweight. Wish they had offered the flush loop on the egg model.

Galaxia K

I am very happy with it! Looks very intimidating up close :-) I recommend this product and this vendor.