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Big Boi Bullhide Beater - Big Leather Thumper - Leather Jack - Custom to Order

Big Boi Bullhide Beater - Big Leather Thumper - Leather Jack - Custom to Order

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The Big Boi Beater is an oversized version of our original leather/color jack. It can be made with either thick/heavy bullhide (6-8oz leather) or with a solid rubber core surrounded with cowhide. The resulting toy is about 21" long in total with a pommel is designed to be used as an alternate striking element.

They are flexible and heavy for their size. A thuddy toy used for thud-style impact play. Very much like a small leather padded bat. Think of a "blackjack" but made of leather and in pretty colors.

Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dom Von Gogh

This is an AWESOME and heavy thumper that takes the lighter all leather thumpers to the next level ! It is very well crafted and is a devilishly fun impact implement !

Dominique Smith
Just What the Doctor Ordered

I LOVE the leather core thumper. I was on the fence about it as I wasn't sure how much thud it would provide, but a quick test on my own quickly put my concerns to rest. I like my impact play to be somewhat therapeutic, so items that can get deep into the fat and muscle are my go to. This really does that and will definitely leave me sore and bruised in the best way possible. The leather also just smells great and the quality is bar none. Jesse did an excellent job on my order and I am definitely a life long customer!

Casey Felgar

I received my thumper today, absolutely beautiful! Excellent quality, made with my requested colors, I love it!

kat koskie

Absolutely beautiful and well made item.


This leather thumper bat is really nice quality. My bottom LOVES it. It quickly became their favorite impact tool.