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Just a Taste: Leather Impact Styles Sampler – Custom to order

Just a Taste: Leather Impact Styles Sampler – Custom to order

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A just-for-you one-of-a-kind set of matching leather impact toys made to your specifications.

We make a variety of handcrafted leather impact toys from all kinds and colors of leather. This listing is for a fully matching kit of different impact toys so that you can enjoy a wide variety of sensation. Our color selection for fully matching kits is somewhat limited on many of the kits due to limited availability of bullhide.

When selecting color, you are selecting the fall/tail color. If you wish to specify the secondary styling color, please write that in the order notes on the shopping cart page before checkout. If unspecified, it will come at artist's discretion. 

Please put any particular styling requests in the order notes. Feel free to be as detailed and specific as you want to be, or be broad and we can ship you something that we have made that we think fits your needs and you will love. If you want to talk with the person making the floggers, just say so, and we will get in touch with you and make something just for you.

The Kit: 

The kit comes with long double drawstring storage bags for each flogger, tongue, and crop, as well as a rectangular drawstring storage bags for all the other toys. 

We counterbalance each piece individually so that the pivot point is at the top of the hand, to ease the ergonomics of a figure eight throw for floggers, and for the standard motions of other toys.

We stand by the durability of our toys. If you manage to break one, let us know how, mail it to us or bring it to us at a convention and we will fix it.  All leather toys are warrantied for the lifetime of the builder.

Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Full custom matched leather kits take 7-8 weeks to build before shipment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jenn H

Loved, loved this candle! The color, the pour, how easy it was to remove the wax. Highly recommend.


The jack I received is perfect! They customized the colors and precisely matched my request. The craftsmanship is superb! I have various leather tools in my kit from different creators, but this is the best made by far. Shipping takes a while, but totally worth the wait. I’m already looking towards purchasing the big boi jack next!


This is an incredible flogger. My submissive will be feeling it's bit frequently!!! It has a great feel in the hand. The swing is effortless do to the weight of this toy.

Deanna Bright

LOVE LOVE LOVE! The set is amazing 10/10 worth every penny