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BraidJack! - Braided Leather Thumper - Braided Leather Paddle

BraidJack! - Braided Leather Thumper - Braided Leather Paddle

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The jacks are one of our most popular toys at conventions. The braid jack is our latest style variant. 

The braid jack is made of braided leather over a rubber core. They are flexible and heavy for their size. The stingiest jack (the stingiest of thuddy toys?). The braid jack is a 14” length of flexible rubber core braided over with a colorful leather shell for its full length. A thuddy toy used for thud style impact play. Very much like a small leather bat. Think of a "blackjack" but made of leather covered rubber and in pretty colors.

Size info:

14" total length (tip to end). Seamlessly integrated 8" flexible fall and 6" firm grip. Hanging loop optional (included by default). 


The world is your oyster! We have an abundant array colors of cowhide leathers in matte and metallic finish. Select from the (non-exhaustive list), or put a request in the shopping cart notes for whatever excites you!  


We offer this toy in a standard 8-12 plait style, or a more complex and decorative 16+ plait braiding. See product photos for some of your braid options.

Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brittany Wygocki

Yas! I absolutely love this. It looks great, has a nice hand feel, and oh that thuddy thud! It arrived right in the anticipated delivery window. This may be my new favorite toy. Highly, HIGHLY recommend.


Wonderful toy and feels fantastic! Thuddy as promised.


Beautifully made, sturdy with a satisfying thunk. The core is soft enough to bend during strikes, which is probably good.

The Snafu Mum

One of my favorite buys and worth the wait. Had my braidjack done in metallic orange and black and it's freaking gorgeous. Super thuddy and packs a wallop! Thank you!