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Bullhide Viper Tongue

Bullhide Viper Tongue

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Viper tongues are a fabulous mixed-sensation toy. They have the possibility of deep stingy sensation that you can get with a dragon tail, without sacrificing closeness to your partner. Viper tongues are a double-tipped, heavier, denser version of the dragon tongue. They have layered scales and a twinned/forked bullhide fall.

The viper tongue is slappy and easy to control, and it can also be a sensation toy if you drag the bullhide across the skin. Viper tongues are a perfect toy for using after a thuddy warm up if you want a simple toy in hand to leave surface level red marks. Due to the short length, it is easier to hit a specific body part with less likelihood of wrapping or missing your target.

Viper tongues are a little stiffer and less flowy than the typical dragon tail, and the forked tip makes them a little more wicked than dragon tongues.

Tongues are hand made out of bullhide leather with a braided leather handle. Typically this toy is around 18-25" total length (including handle). It varies with thickness and stiffness of leather at crafter’s discretion to give the toy the right feel and throw.


Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love it!

So happy with this purchase! Got it for Daddy for Christmas and he loves every little detail! I love how customizable their options were. The material is great, nice to vicious sting and sure to leave great marks when used to do so!

Dom Von Gogh
Devilishly Stingy !

I’m a bit of a connoisseur of kink toys and I hadn’t seen one of these previously. I’m a bit of a tire kicker and not one that enjoys taking a leap of faith on a toy that I haven’t held in my hands and usually even tested on my sub. However, this just looked unique to me and I’ve enjoyed all of the other products that I have bought from Agreeable Agony, so I bought it on faith. It is AWESOME ! It has a very devilish sting to it and can be used broadside for more thud (be careful of the wrap…). I HIGHLY recommend this item for any serious impact Top or Dom !


Good produktion, good to hold, hurts lovely :-)

Ss Kj

See previous review. This was the second part of my latest order.

Mistress Scarlett

Gorgeous. I love the colors and the way this thing cracks across the skin. it's also great because it's a thuddy and stingy impact play item all in one. I absolutely love it, just like everything from Agreeable Agony! Thanks guys! ♡