Suspension Sling – Webbing – Climbing Straps

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Open loop climbing slings, aka webbing or straps. These are good for attaching a suspension ring to a hard point, using as a pull handle, or otherwise attaching load bearing items together.

Our straps come in four lengths—these are measured as laid flat (double the length to get full circumference).

Short 25cm / 10" width: 19mm (5/8")
Medium 60cm / 23.5" width: 19mm (5/8") or 27mm (1")
Long 120cm / 47" width: 19mm (5/8") or 27mm (1")
Extra Long 240cm / 94.5" width: 19mm (5/8")

Our slings are made in the USA and tested using CE and UIAA protocols; they all have a tensile strength of 22kN. They are made with nylon (neon colors) or UHMWPE (darker colors).

Please note: available colors vary, and stock may not match product photos. We ship from whatever colors are available in your selected size. Let us know if you have color preferences and we will accommodate if possible. 

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