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Clearance Sale: Full Hemp Spools! (unprocessed) 200m - 650ft - Limited Stock!

Clearance Sale: Full Hemp Spools! (unprocessed) 200m - 650ft - Limited Stock!

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Hemp rope is a wonderful option for sensation play and decorative bondage.

Our hemp rope is spun to our specifications by one of the oldest hemp spinneries in the world. We are proud to be able to source this full-penetration-dyed rope.  

This listing is for Full 200m Coils (~656ft)  that have not been processed or conditioned by us in any way.  This hemp comes to us less rough than many industrial hemps, but processing and oiling is recommended before use. 

For short lengths please see our grab bag hemp listing!

PLEASE NOTE:  These are coils of raw spun hemp.  They will need processing and conditioning before bondage use.  This rope will be fuzzy and rough like any unprocessed natural fiber rope.  These spools will have some splices, burrs, knots, and other defects throughout the coil.  These are all of the things that we cut out when we process our finished rope into shorter lengths.  

As with all dyed natural fiber rope, there will be some minor variance from batch to batch. If you want perfect color consistency with your ropes, we recommend buying all at once (or check out our MFP in pre-colored fibers that don't fade). 

Please allow 3-5 business days for order processing before shipment.

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