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Coordinated Leather Impact Toy Kits – Matching Kit – Custom to order

Coordinated Leather Impact Toy Kits – Matching Kit – Custom to order

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A just-for-you one-of-a-kind set of matching leather impact toys made to your specifications.

We make a variety of handcrafted leather impact toys from all kinds and colors of leather. This listing is for fully matching kits of different leather impact toys so that you can enjoy a wide variety of sensation. Our color selection for fully matching kits is somewhat limited on many of the kits due to limited availability of bullhide.

When selecting color, you are selecting the fall/tail color. If you wish to specify the secondary styling color, please write that in the order notes on the shopping cart page before checkout. If unspecified, it will come at artist's discretion. 

Please put any particular styling requests in the order notes. Feel free to be as detailed and specific as you want to be, or be broad and we can ship you something that we have made that we think fits your needs and you will love. If you want to talk with the person making the floggers, just say so, and we will get in touch with you and make something just for you.

The Kits: 

  1. "Just Getting Started" Kit
    A great range of sensations to learn what you like. This beginner-friendly kit contains: 
    1x Little Guy Flogger,
    1x Leather Jack (full leather, or with rubber core),
    1x Braided Loop Slapper, and
    1x Bullhide Dragon Tongue. 

  2. "Learning to Flog" – Flogger Taster Kit 
    A tasty sampling of a number of sizes, weights, and styles of floggers. Contains:
    1x Little Guy Cow Flogger,
    1x Standard Cow Flogger,
    1x Standard Bullhide Flogger, and
    1x Cat-o-Nine Flogger ("Flat cat" or "Round cat").

  3. "Leveling up my distance toy" Kit
    From very short to rather long, this kit will give you a full spectrum of different lengths of toys. Contains:
    2x Matched Standard Cowhide Floggers (Standard Florentine),
    1x Bullhide Viper Tongue,
    1x 4ft Cowhide Dragon Tail, and
    1x Braided Loop Slapper.

  4. "Stingy fuckers buy this" Kit 
    Know you love sting? This is the kit for you. Contains:
    1x 4ft dragon tail,
    1x Braided Loop Slapper, and
    1x Braid Jack.

    Adore thud? This kit should call to you. Thumpy jacks and a heavy flogger round out a thuddy toy collection very nicely. Contains:
    1x Big Boi Beater,
    1x Leather Jack with Rubber Core,
    1x Full Leather Jack, and
    1x Standard Bullhide Flogger.

  6. "I've got two hands and I know how to use them" Florentine Kit
    Learning to florentine? Already know how to florentine and need a few good sets of paired toys? Contains:
    2x Matched Standard Size Cow Floggers (Standard Florentine),
    2x Matched Little Guy Cow Floggers (Little Guy Florentine), and
    2x Matched Jacks (1 rubber core, 1 full leather – or 2 identical, your choice).

  7. "Finer Things" – Super Fance Kit
    A taste of the finer things in life... This kit is a sampler of toys made from our premium leathers: Deer, Elk, Bull, and Bison. Contains:
    2x Standard Size Premium Leather Flogger (your choice of premium leather florentine set),
    1x 3ft Cowhide Dragon Tail, and 
    1x Big Boi Bullhide Beater.

  8. "Eh, fuck it, just give me all of them already" Kit
    Can't decide? Just want a bit of everything? This kit has nearly all of the impact toys we make. Contains:
    1x Rubber-Cored Jack,
    1x Full Leather Jack,
    1x Braid Jack,
    1x Big Boi Beater,
    2x Standard Matched Cow Floggers,
    2x Matched Little Guy Cow Floggers,
    1x Standard Bullhide Flogger,
    1x 4ft Dragon Tail,
    1x Dragon Tongue,
    1x Viper Tongue, and
    1x Loop Slapper. 

  9. "Fuck it" – Premium! – Upgrade everything kit
    Everything from our original "Fuck it" kit, but upgraded to our premium leather hides, plus a few size upgrades and some new toys. Contains:
    1x Rubber-Cored Jack,
    1x Full Leather Jack,
    1x 16pt+ Braid Jack,
    1x Big Boi Beater,
    2x Matched Standard Size Bullhide Floggers,
    2x Matched Little Guy Deer Hide Floggers,
    1x Huge Fucker XL Bullhide Flogger,
    1x 3-4ft Cowhide Dragon Tail,
    1x Dragon Tongue,
    1x Viper Tongue, and
    1x 16pt+ Braid Loop Slapper. 

All kits come with long double drawstring storage bags for each flogger, tongue, and big boi beater, and rectangular drawstring storage bags for all the other toys. 

We counterbalance each piece individually so that the pivot point is at the top of the hand, to ease the ergonomics of a figure eight throw for floggers, and for the standard motions of other toys.

Floggers come in a few different sizes. These size tiers are based on the square footage of leather consumed by the fall, so a shorter flogger will have more falls, and a longer flogger will have fewer; different types of leather will also have variable fall sizes/quantities. Check out our individual flogger listings to get a sense of the range.

    We stand by the durability of our toys. If you manage to break one, let us know how, mail it to us or bring it to us at a convention and we will fix it.  All leather toys are warrantied for the lifetime of the builder.

    Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Full custom matched leather kits take 7-9 weeks to build before shipment.

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