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Matching Leather Impact Toy Kits - Custom to order

$240.00 $1,120.00

A just for you one of a kind set of matching leather impact toys made to your specifications.

We make all variety of handcrafted leather floggers from all kinds of colors of leather. This listing is for fully matching kits of different leather impact toys so you can enjoy a wide variety of sensation. Our color selection for fully matching kits is somewhat limited on many of the kits due to limited availability of bull hide.

When selecting color you are selecting the fall/tail color. If you wish to specify the secondary styling color please note that in the notes field under the shopping cart. If unspecified it will come at artists discretion. 

The Kits: 

  1. "I've got two hands and I know how to use them impact kit"
    2x "Standard" Sized Matched Floggers (standard florentine), 2x Matched Little Guy Sized Floggers (little guy florentine), 2x Matched Jacks (one rubber core, one full leather - or identical, your choice)

  2. "Stingy fuckers buy this kit" 
    1x 4ft dragon tail, 1x Braided Loop Slapper, 1x Braid Jack

    1x Big Boi Jack, 1x Core Jack, 1x Full Leather Jack, 1x Standard Exotic Bull Hide Flogger

  4. "Leveling up my distance toy kit"
    2x Matched Standard Floggers (standard florentine), 1x Viper Tongue, 1x 4ft Dragon Tail

  5. "FLOG AWAY kit"
    2x Matched Standard Floggers (standard florentine), 2x Matched Little Guy Floggers (little guy florentine), 1x Standard Exotic Bull Hide Flogger

  6. "Eh, fuck-it just give me all of them already kit"
    1x Cored Jack, 1x full leather jack,1x braid jack, 1x Big Boi Jack, 2x Standard Matched Floggers, 2x Matched Little Guy Floggers, 1x Standard Exotic Bull Flogger, 1x 4ft dragon tail, 1x dragon tongue, 1x viper tongue, 1x Loop slapper. 


Please put any styling requests in the order notes on the shopping cart page before checkout. Feel free to be as detailed and specific as you want to be, or be broad and we can ship you something that we have made that we think fits your needs and you will love. If you want to talk with the man making the floggers just say so and he will get in touch with you and make something just for you.

There are many toys mentioned in these kits, the floggers mentioned are specific size descriptions.  These size tiers are based on the square footage of leather consumed by the fall, so a shorter flogger will have more falls, and a longer flogger will have fewer. To give you and idea of the range, though, you can think of it like this:

Little guys have ~30x Falls   ~15" long  at .5" wide
Standards have ~50x Falls  ~18" long at .5" wide

As to the weight, we counter balance each piece individually so that the pivot point is at the top of the hand, to ease the ergonomics of a figure eight throw for the floggers, and for their most common actions for other toys. 


Most common use of this listing is to create a custom toy just for you. Message us with what you are looking for and we will do our best to make something you will fall in love with and use forever.

We stand by the durability of our toys. If you manage to break one, let us know how, mail it to us or bring it to us at a convention and we will fix it.  All leather toys are warrantied for the lifetime of the builder.


All custom leather products take 3-4 weeks to build before shipment.


All kit purchases come with a number of flogger storage bags appropriate to the number of floggers ordered.


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