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Agreeable Agony Steel Claws - Metal Fingertip Claws

Agreeable Agony Steel Claws - Metal Fingertip Claws

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ALL OUR CLAWS ARE ADJUSTABLE.  They can be easily resized to fit most fingers.

These claws hug the tips of your fingers to allow for scratching and sensation play without the need for long nails. 

These claws also make an excellent violet wand electrical play accessory. 

You can also add a nice wooden storage box to keep your claws in.

Now available as singles, or as sets of 5 or 10. 

  • Singles are available in XS, S, M, L or XL

  • Sets come in Small, Medium, Large 
  • Small Set = 1 X-Small  + 4 Small + 1 Medium
  • Medium Set = 1 Small + 3 Medium + 1 Large
  • Large Set = 1 Medium + 3 Large + 1 X-Large

Want a custom assortment?  Use code "ClawSet" at checkout for 15% off any purchase of 5 or more claws. 

Sizing Info: 


Oval Dimensions (HxW)




15mm X 11.5mm




16mm X 12.5mm




17mm X 13.5mm




18mm X 14.5mm




19mm X 15.5mm



*Please note the ranges shown here are a rough guideline of the sizes that are most suited to for minor resizing. The claws can always be made larger, but you will eventually lose the overlap at the base.  They can also go smaller, but may lose their shape a little. 

All of our claws can be easily resized larger with a pair of needle nose pliers and made smaller with a basic vice grip or other squeezing tool that can apply pressure to as much of the circle as possible. 

If you aren't sure what size you need, you can cut a small strip of paper and wrap it around the part of your finger where you want to wear the claw (often just above or just bellow your last [DIP] finger joint).  Mark where the paper overlaps and then measure the paper laid flat. You can also directly print and mark a measuring tape:

Claws are shaped and finished by hand, so there may be some very minor finish imperfections. All claws are polished and inspected to avoid any major blemishes.

Typical order processing time is 2-6 business days before mailing. Ship time estimates at checkout do not include this processing time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Paul VanPraag
Good quality

The workmanship and quality is great. They are just the right amount sharp to cause great sensation but minimal injury.

Unfortunately they finger bands are poorly designed. They are way too stiff with no adjustment measures. It took tools and a lot of elbow grease to adjust the claws to be able to put them on my fingers. I've owned other similar claws which used thinner metal for the finger straps and could be adjusted with just your fingers. It also means I can't easily share the claws with my partner because the fingers are so difficult to adjust.

Artonya Gemmill
Not In Possession of my Item

I would love to give a review but I haven’t received my item yet. So when I get it, I will be happy to share my thoughts.

Rachel Federman

These claws are perfect! Sharp enough for sensation play, but dull enough to be safe. They're easy to resize. They arrived quickly and came with a cute storage box. So happy with my purchase.

Steven Arnold

I love how scratchy it feels on my skin. My Dom uses it during our sensory play and impact scenes. He loves making me squirm.

Ilima Peterson

My sex partners have lost their fucking minds when I pull out the claw - i’ll be buying more to complete the set!