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Classic Stainless Steel Suspension Rings 9" or 6"

Classic Stainless Steel Suspension Rings 9" or 6"

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Classic steel shibari rings for bondage and suspension. 

Our shibari rings are made from stainless steel and have a high gloss polish finish. Purchase of a steel suspension ring includes a reusable satin storage bag.

The rainbow & black finish rings are made from the same stainless steel, and then get a titanium plasma bonding coat to apply a rainbow finish. The titanium bonds to the steel and will not rub off. Like any metal, it can be chipped or scored with enough force, but it will not wear away from regular rope use.  

These suspension rings have not been sent out for 3rd-party independent laboratory testing. They do not have an official certified weight/kN rating. Suspension is a high risk practice and should only be engaged in with someone who has experience, or under the direct supervision of an experienced individual. That said, our rings are made from 1/2" solid stainless steel bar.

Full specs:

  • Outside Diameter: 9" or 6"
  • Inside Diameter: 8" or 5" 
  • Thickness: ½" or 3/4" 
  • Weight varies by design: ~1.5lb plain ring up to ~3.5lb pentacle
  • Material: Stainless Steel

NOTE: No two rainbow coatings will be identical. The two sides of the ring will be different colors. There will be 1-2 small marks on the titanium bonded rings where it was hang-dried on a wire after the titanium plasma coat. This is not a defect and will not enlarge, spread, or reduce the integrity of the coating or ring.

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Monahan


Karissa Cruey

First thought it was a little expensive, but great quality


The welds on the ring could be a bit better but the quality and weight feel great!


Shipped quickly and is exactly what I was looking for.

Arnulfo Carrillo

Great quality