Stocking Stuffers! - Candles, Claws, Jewelry, and More!

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Steel Finger ClawsThese claws wrap around the tips of your fingers to allow for scratching and sensation play without the need for long nails. They are adjustable to fit individual fingers.

Mini Candle! Our standard mini candles are a great stocking stuffer! Low temp paraffin in a single serving container. Better than an orange for the toe of your stocking. (Assorted colors.)

Bondage Rope Earrings! These adorable hemp earrings are handmade to look like a bundle of bondage rope. Perfect for the riggers, rope bunnies, and bondage bottoms in your life!

Mindfold! Fabulous sensory deprivation blindfold. The foam forms to your face so no light comes in! Adjustable velcro strap so it fits most heads. Great for kink AND travel! We also hear it won't smear your eyeshadow like a normal blindfold. 

Bear Claws! Plastic claws, a great introductory sensory play toy. Perfect for running across sensitive skin—or really digging in when you need to!

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