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Bullhide Leather Dragon Tongue

Bullhide Leather Dragon Tongue

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Dragon tongues are a fabulous mixed-sensation toy. They have the possibility of deep stingy sensation that you can get with a dragon tail, without sacrificing closeness to your partner. Viper tongues are a double-tipped, heavier, denser version of the dragon tongue. They have layered scales and a twinned/forked bullhide fall.

The dragon or viper tongue is slappy and easy to control, and it can also be a sensation toy if you drag the bullhide across the skin. Tongues are a perfect toy for using after a thuddy warm-up if you want a simple toy in hand to leave surface level red marks. Due to the short length, it is easier to hit a specific body part with less likelihood of wrapping or missing your target.

Tongues are a little stiffer and less flowy than the typical dragon tail, and are a useful addition to a well-rounded toy bag.

Tongues are hand made out of bullhide leather with a braided leather handle. Typically this toy is around ~25" total length (including handle) with an ~18" fall. It varies with thickness and stiffness of leather at crafter’s discretion to give the toy the right feel and throw.


Leather toys are handmade custom to order. Standard build time is 5-7 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I own several AgAg pieces and they have been a “go-to” for me ever since I purchased my first leather jack at a con. This dragon tongue is no different. I love my dragontail from them but it’s sometimes a little too long to swing in a close quarters, this dragon tongue is perfect for those occasions and the bullhide is delightful.


As always, amazing quality and craftsmanship. This piece is better than I hoped for and my Dom and I cannot wait to try it out. Customer questions were answered in a timely manner and shipping was fast. I cannot recommend this shop ENOUGH.

Daniel Brannon

very nice work and excellent quality as usual from shop..tested it on my leg through my jeans and had a nice bite..


Couldn't be happier with the way this turned out! It's absolutely beautiful and delightfully smacky. Arrived in a timely fashion. Would recommend! :)

Elizabeth Salerno

Excellent quality of leather, astronomically fast shipping, and the shop took what was kind of a vague customization and made it perfect! Really, a beautiful product