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POSH Rope - 3 Strand Spun Polyester Bondage Rope - Synthetic Hemp - 6mm

POSH Rope - 3 Strand Spun Polyester Bondage Rope - Synthetic Hemp - 6mm

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If you're looking for modern performance, a traditional appearance and an exceptionally soft hand, POSH 3 Strand Spun Polyester is it.

Secure your next shibari adventure with POSH Bondage Rope!
This 3 Strand spun polyester bondage rope is the perfect companion for any daring escapade. With a manufacturer load rating of 5.44kn (1219lb tensile strength) and extremely low elongation, it will support your suspension endeavors and have you feeling POSH.

POSH Bondage Rope visually mimics hemp or jute, blending perfectly for uplines in your photoshoots/scenes without sacrificing strength or beauty. 

P.O.S.H = Portside Out, Starboard Home. Originally made for sailing boats, this rope is made from the finest polyester fibers spun under tension for amazing strength. 

Even better? The Orange, Yellow, and Hot Pink colors all Neon UV ropes and glow under black light! 

All of our POSH rope is cut and bundled by hand custom to order.  Ends are finished with a wall knot and the same soft tassel end offered on all of our ropes.

Our 30ft lengths are also offered with optional Whipped Ends.  These ends will be finished with whipping twine and a soft tassel end.  Natural and Black POSH are whipped with a bright red whipping twine so they can be quickly easily differentiated from other natural fiber ropes.  The remainder of our POSH collection is whipped with black whipping twine. 

Due to the high fiber density, POSH® can feel a bit stiff during initial uses. It will soften up quickly with regular use.  If you need it to be softer sooner, a quick wash/no-heat dry cycle will loosen it up rather nicely. Unlike other synthetic hemp ropes (such as the HempEx) POSH stays comparatively smooth and does not become hairy. 


PLEASE  NOTE: Posh is spooled and measured under tension. Cut lengths may shrink in length slightly during transit and also increase in diameter by 0.5mm to 1mm until they are placed back under tension.  We measure a few inches over advertised length to compensate as much as possible.

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