Reducing International Shipping Costs & Headaches - 2023 edition!

Reducing International Shipping Costs & Headaches - 2023 edition!

Ever since we launched free US shipping over $49 last year we have been working tirelessly to find ways to reduce costs for international shipping.

We have always shipped all over the world, but sometimes the costs are prohibitive especially on larger packages.
Last year we rolled out some great package rates through EPG, bringing much more affordable shipping worldwide.

It is my pleasure to announce that we now have a 2nd great priced international shipping partner that allows us to offer an even better customer experience!


  • Canadians win big -  Shipping prices to most of Canada just dropped dramatically Again. We are also now offering free shipping on CA orders over 200CAD. The website will also calculate duty at checkout if needed.

  • Taxes for EU and UK got easier & cheaper -  This one is huge! (and exciting to me cause i am a nerd for this shit). All EU and UK orders will now have taxes and duty collected at checkout. This means no more surprise carrier COD fees on top of at delivery tax collection, and you always know what youre going to pay!

  • More Countries with Free Shipping! -  In addition to domestic free shipping, we now have free shipping thresholds for UK, CA, DE, IT, and ES. These will show in the top bar on our website!

Sadly not all shipping prices went down. Cost of fuel and packaging material has gone up everywhere so some rates have climbed. We have done our best to offset this everywhere we can with newer/better options. Our website is set to calculate real time rates at the best deals we are currently able to negotiate.  New options will roll out as soon as we gain access.

If you have any issue with the site or think the rates look unrealistically high feel free to reach out and talk to us and we can try to help!

Please see our full shipping policy for more details

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