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Garras de Urso - Garras de Plástico Sensation Play

Garras de Urso - Garras de Plástico Sensation Play

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Estas garras de urso de plástico são garras são feitas de nylon durável resistente ao calor reforçado para resistência à tração e podem ser lavadas na máquina de lavar louça.

As garras de urso apresentam dentes rígidos e afiados com um design largo e cônico. Com 6 garras por pata, elas são um brinquedo divertido e divertido para arrastar pela pele. As alças de plástico suaves proporcionam um design confortável para facilitar o uso e o movimento durante uma cena.

Vendido como "pata" única ou conjunto de dois.

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Customer Reviews

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Pamela M Hayes
Bear Claws are fun

They are larger than I expected. My partner enjoys them rubbed just about anywhere on his body. And I love doing it.

Sam Katsoualakos
Arrived very slow delivery but as described sharp

Tried them very sharp and effective

Matt R
She LOVES it!

We recently discovered her love of sensation play. We tried a couple of different tools but nothing seemed to quite dig into her the way she likes it. The closest we could come to the best sensation were the individual finger claws that you wrap around your fingertips. That may work for some people but we found that they kept falling off my fingers. Then we got the bear claw. My goodness, the first run down her back, all the way down her legs, over her feet and back up again send shivers up her spine. They are just sharp enough but not too vicious, if that makes sense. My oversized hand can hold on to the grip just fine and I find it's easier to control that than it is the individual claw tips on my fingers. If you are also into sensation play then I highly recommend this product.


Seemed like a fun toy but have yet to use it. Not really sure what I’m going to do with it. Maybe I need some ideas… anyone?


I am sorry to hear that you haven't been able to use this product yet. I hope there is nothing wrong with what you received?

These claws are generally used for light sensation play. The tips dragged across sensitive parts on the body to create fun sensations or to tease.
They can also be used to scrape up wax if you play with wax.


lightweight and good for sensation play, not blood play